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The initial concept of Extra Mineral stems from the brand creator’s childhood in France. He grew up surrounded by various high-quality cosmetics.

Dead Sea

Minerals from nature

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429 meters below sea level is an amazing natural source of mineral treasures of the Dead Sea that have a therapeutic effect on many skin conditions

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How it all began

The Extra Mineral brand is a unique creation that combines cutting-edge cosmetic technologies with the natural mineral treasures of the Dead Sea, found 429 meters below sea level.
Extra Mineral’s high-quality products are formulated using the world’s best skincare ingredients, based on natural extracts and enriched with powerful vitamins and minerals.

For each and every one of our products,
Extra Mineral seeks to stand apart from its competitors, offering innovation and a gentler alternative in the cosmetics and Dead Sea market.

Minerals from nature

The Dead Sea, the deepest and most saline lake on Earth, nearly 10 times as salty as the ocean, was formed over millions of years ago and has been known from biblical times for its healing properties.

It is a global center for those seeking an enriched and ageless experience with nature.

Every year, hundreds of thousands come to cure their skin ailments and reinvigorate mature skin. The mineral content of the water, the very low content of pollens and other allergens in the atmosphere, the reduced ultraviolet component of solar radiation, and the higher atmospheric pressure at this great depth, each have specific health effects.

The humankind developed ways of utilizing its minerals in various unguents and skin creams, as well as soaps, just as they are used today.

Argan Oil Skin Benefits:

Antioxidant, Anti-Aging, Moisturizing

Argan oil is a Moroccan helpful remedy and has been well recognized for skin and hair hydration. It comprises high levels of sterols, polyphenols, and fatty acids, which enable the benefits of argan oil on skin to include antioxidant, anti-aging, and moisturizing properties.*

* Tichota, D. et al. Design, characterization, and clinical evaluation of argan oil nanostructured lipid carriers to improve skin hydration. International journal of nanomedicine 9, 3855-3864 (2014)

Shea Butter Skin Care Benefits:

Moisturizing, Antioxidant

Originating from exotic countries, shea butter is collected from the nuts of the Shea tree. Its high combination of unsaturated fats and fatty acids make shea butter products the amazing remedy for protecting and renewing dry skin.*

* Zhang, Jie. et al. Triterpene glycosides and other polar constituents of shea (Vitellaria paradoxa) kernels and their bioactivities. Phytochemistry 108, 157-170 (2014)

Tea Tree Oil Benefits for Skin:

Soothing, Antioxidant, Purifying

Tea tree oil is extracted by steam distillation from the leaves and branches of Melaleuca alternifolia. The usage of tea tree oil for skin has developed to become a helpful remedy in cosmeceuticals due to its astringent, soothing, antioxidant and purifying effects. Terpinen-4-ol is the component in charge for giving tea tree oil its astringent efficiencies.*

* Bassett, I. B. et al. A comparative study of tea-tree oil versus benzoylperoxide in the treatment of acne. The Medical Journal of Australia 153.8, 455-458 (1990)

Aloe Vera

Antioxidant, Moisturizing, Soothing

Aloe vera extracts are one of the most commonly used sources of plant origin in pharmaceutic and cosmetic industries. Several biochemical, cytological and clinical studies worldwide have shown that Aloe vera leaf extracts can provide beneficial use for skin care products due to its soothing properties, antioxidant qualities and wound healing effects.*

* [Di Luccia B, 2013; Capasso R,2013; Ghayempour S, 2016].

Calendula Skin Benefits:

Antioxidant, Anti-Aging, Moisturizing

Calendula is a plant extracted from the marigold flower family Calendula officinalis. In skincare, this herbal plant can provide anti-aging, antioxidant and moisturizing properties. With its elements serving as antioxidants, use of calendula extract for skin helps to neutralize free radicals present throughout the environment.*

* Akhtar N, Z. et al. Calendula extract: effects on mechanical parameters of human skin. Acta Pol Pharm 68(5), 693-701 (2011)

Benefits of Coconut Oil:

Moisturizing, Astringent

Coconut oil is a native exotic remedy that is combined of generally saturated fats (triglycerides), lauric acid, Vitamin E, and proteins. In skincare, it has become famous for providing the skin with moisturizing and astringent properties.* **

*Agero, A. L. and Vermén M. V. A randomized double-blind controlled trial comparing extra virgin coconut oil with mineral oil as a moisturizer for mild to moderate xerosis. Dermatitis: Contact, Atopic, Occupational, Drug 15.3, 109-116 (2004)

**Rohman, A. and Man, Y. Quantitative analysis of virgin coconut oil in cream cosmetics preparations using fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy. Pakistan journal of pharmaceutical sciences 22.4, 415-420 (2009)

Benefits of Olive Oil:

Skin Soothing, Skin Hydration, Exfoliant

Olive oil helps to boost skin hydration and helps prevent skin irritation.
Olive oil is fat derived from an olive, and is principally composed of oleic acid, palmitic acid, and fatty acid. Its exceptional balance of fatty acid composition permits it to retain vital nutrients, which thereby helps skin hydration. In addition, olive oil also holds high levels of antioxidants, such as Vitamin E and polyphenols. * ** ***

* Ruta Ganceviciene, Aikaterini I. Liakou, Athanasios Theodoridis, Evgenia Makrantonaki, and Christos C. Zouboulis. Skin anti-aging strategies. Dermatoendocrinol. Jul 1, 2012; 4(3): 308-319. doi: 10.4161/derm.22804
** D’Angelo S, Ingrosso D, Migliardi V, et al. Hydroxytyrosol, a natural antioxidant from olive oil, prevents protein damage induced by long-wave ultraviolet radiation in melanoma cells. Free Radic Biol Med. 2005 Apr 1;38(7):908-18
*** Viola, Publio, and Marzia Viola. “Virgin olive oil as a fundamental nutritional component and skin protector.” Clinics in dermatology 27.2 (2009): 159-165

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