BioCell Peeling Facial Cleanser

(11 customer reviews)


Enriched with Dead Sea minerals and apricot kernel grains, this unique formula perfectly cleanses the face and exfoliates dead skin cells, leaving a smooth, soft and velvety skin. Suitable for all skin types


Natural Apricot Grains • Shea Butter • No Nylon/Plastic

125 ml / 4.25 fl oz

11 reviews for BioCell Peeling Facial Cleanser

  1. Amy Rynties

    I have dry, sensitive skin, and am allergic to many facial products, including many labeled hypoallergenic, and for sensitive skin. This cleanser is fantastic. It removes make-up, but leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated. Best of all, I’m not allergic to it. Thanks, Extra Mineral!

  2. Madison Lewandowski

    I would buy this again! Good quality and great price. Works well and you just need a small amount to work into the face. Love the natural apricot grains!

  3. Ashley Ghaemi

    I have been using this for a months now and honestly, I love this. It has the microbeads and is perfect for my type of skin. I feel like it gets a deep clean. I also like that there isn’t a heavy scent with it, because I try to keep that type of stuff off my face.

  4. Apryl Davis

    Love me some apricot scrub that gentle for sensitive skin but does the job!

  5. Norbert Sharpe

    Deep cleans my face and is a good value.

  6. Teresa Maus

    It is a great product. After every wash, the skin feels very clean. Compared to some of the other brands I used to use, this is my favorite one for the price and that it uses apricot grains as the peeling effect and not plastic like my old brand.

  7. Shiratha Gorman

    This is really great apricot scrub! I’ve been using a different brand for over 10 years, and this is honestly WAY better, in every way. Price, scent, sheerness, exfoliation, better for sensitive skin. Absolutely recommended! It’s way cheaper, and I use about half as much as my old brand, so it really goes a long way.

  8. Rick Nanazon

    Very pleased with this scrub. Not too rough on my skin and leaves my complexion clearer.

  9. Nicci Fields

    Recommended by my dermatologist, I finally found the best scrub that help me control my acne and keep my face clean without making it too dry. Worth the money.

  10. Khrysteena Wayman

    This product is great for the price and makes my skin feel clear. I definitely recommend buying this.

  11. Tiffany Moose

    Great exfoliation! Would buy again.

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