Shaving Foam Sensitive

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Enriched with Dead Sea minerals, this intense moisturizing shaving foam is designed for both face and body, ensuring a softer and closer shave.

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3x Protection for Sensitive • Ozone Friendly • NO CFC’s

220 ml / 7.4 fl oz

5 reviews for Shaving Foam Sensitive

  1. Tito Hovard

    Love the thickness of this foam, I always use an electric shaver since my skin is so sensitive, and I always wanted to go back to knife shaving and now I can since I discovered this Shaving Foam, my wife loves my skin after my shave.

  2. Inna Vikosm

    I read that other women use this shaving foam for there legs and really had to try it, and it is they are so right, it is so soft, my legs are so sensitive to any shaving and this one is amazing, thank you!

  3. Lisa Brandson

    Hi my name is Lisa Brandson, and I use this shaving foam for my legs, and it is amazing. I never thought I would use men shaving foam for my legs, but it is amazing and sooooo soft, I will never go back no any other foam, it is so thick, I see all other people say it too and it is so true.

  4. John Match

    Is a really good and smooth shaving foam, I usually get the regular brands and they are like air and I get cuts all over. This one is so thick and guards my skin so well when shaving I am amazed.

  5. Gab Batcher

    This shaving foam is amazing, it is so THICK and so good for my sensitive skin!

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