Strengthening Treatment Shampoo

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Our professional hair-repair shampoo is uniquely designed to strengthen and repair your hair follicles for an overall healthy sheen. Formulated with natural extracts, keratin and collagen, this reconstructing shampoo moisturizes and fortifies damaged hair.

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Keratin • Collagen • No Salt & No SLS/ALS

400 ml / 13.5 fl oz

13 reviews for Strengthening Treatment Shampoo

  1. Kay Travine

    I bought this mostly because people talked about the amazing smell… yikes. I felt like I was using hair salon professional quality shampoo. It surprisingly strengthen my hair and my hair feels amazing just like silk and so strong! I use it every 2 days and wash it 2 times every time.

  2. Crystal Deliana

    Just as promised, this really does work. My hair has grown alot since I started using these products. It helps that I don’t color my hair, use hot appliances very often and I wash my hair every other day. But I still use the treatment shampoos products really make a difference!

  3. Trisha Fowler

    This shampoo is really great. I love that it is sulfate free, so it is safe to use on color treated hair. It leaves my hair feeling soft, and it is really helping my hair grow. The smell is like heaven in a bottle. The treatment conditioner is amazing too. Get both!

  4. Kayla Belay

    This stuff is THE BOMB. My hair is bleached and damaged and has a lot of breakage because I am constantly touching up my dark roots so I really need something to give my hair the boost it needs. THIS STUFF (paired with the conditioner and hair mask) IS IT. I’ve used it one time and my hair feel soo soft even days later.

  5. Izzy Whitford

    I LOOOOOVE THIS STUFF. I was in the fence about whether it would work or not but I can say with confidence, my hair has never felt this since 5th grade. Will definitely continue to use.

  6. Jessi Horton

    I’ll continue to buy this as it’s helped my hair grow several inches in just a few months. I use the shampoo and conditioner.

  7. Farece Dawn

    I used it today for the 1st time and I love the way it lathers using very little and it smells great ! After blow drying it gave me body yet felt light and didn’t weigh my hair down! I wish they had bigger bottles of this. I love it !! I will continue to use this and I’m hoping it will help with hair regrowth as Ive read in the reviews. 5 stars so far !

  8. Lupe Brown

    Great product, I started using this a couple months ago and my hair is super long. My hair was to my shoulders and now it is to my lower back. The only thing that my hair dresser has told me is that it strips your color, if you get your hair dyed frequently. Which I do, but I keep using because it has made my hair grow so fast! Love this product!!

  9. Elizabeth Andreas

    Compared to other drugstore shampoos this one leaves my hair bouncy, shiny, and healthy looking. It does not look greasy or weighed down. This has become my new go-to professional shampoo and conditioner. Highly recommend!

  10. Alisha Siegler

    I have been using this shampoo and conditioner for over a year and I love it. Will not use anything else, I only wash my wash twice a week and this leaves my hair feeling great!

  11. Mary Blake

    This product is wonderful and worth every penny! It smells so clean and amazing and it actually works! After about 3 weeks of use on my unhealthy bleached hair, my hair grew about a half an inch. I noticed it and was very pleased. Not only to mention it helped my hair become less fried and made it more smooth and healthy. Pretty impressed with it for the price.

  12. Paty Colandrea

    I lost my hair to chemo and wanted it to grow back quickly so I purchased this shampoo and conditioner. So far, I’m impressed. My hair is growing back fast. The scent is amazing. Overall I think it’s a really good product and I will probably be repurchasing when I’m ready.

  13. Jessica Cerena

    I have fine, damaged hair. The other sulfate free shampoo I was using left my hair frizzy and dry. I love this shampoo! I’ve almost finished the bottle and my hair looks fuller and appears much better. Before I was shedding hair like crazy, since using this shampoo the shedding has been dramatically less. I will be continuing to purchase this shampoo over and over!

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