Soothing Aloe Vera Mineral Gel

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Our light none toxic color, nourishing clear gel is enriched with Dead Sea Minerals, Pro-Vitamin B5 and active Vitamin E to replenish lost moisture. Natural Aloe Vera delivers a cooling, calming effect for a complete comforting and relaxing sensation.

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Nourishing Vitamins B5 & E • No Artificial Dyes

180 ml / 6.08 fl oz


10 reviews for Soothing Aloe Vera Mineral Gel

  1. Vicky Clelland

    I love this clear aloe vera gel… goes on beautifully and doesn’t feel sticky or heavy… the scent is very light and clean and doesn’t bother my very sensitive nose. I bought for myself and recently discovered my daughter(who is more fussy than myself about skin products) has “adopted” my bottle as her own.

  2. Cheri Russel

    Very soothing on eczema and dry skin! Natural product. Pleasant clean light scent….I will be a regular customer! Great product for sensitive skin. My face glows! Just purchased another tube to keep on hand. I don’t want to run out of this product.

  3. Lorie Jefferson

    I use this product as a moisturizer. The older I get the more sensitive my skin has become. Now, I have rosacea, too! This is the ONLY form that works with my skin. It takes such a small amount to cover the face and neck. It feels a bit sticky at first, but is completely gone once it dries. My rosacea and flaky face skin all but disappears! It firming too! I just love this product!

  4. Malverns Holins

    This is now my second tube that I have ordered of the aloe Vega gel. This stuff is amazing!!! I wash my hands a lot and am a regular user of hand sanitizer. So my skin gets raw sometimes, I put this on before bed and almost all the irritation is gone by the morning. I have never liked the feeling of lotions on my face but this I can use. It soaks right in and leaves my skin very soft. I’ve also used it on my dog to promote faster healing of a cut he had on his foot. I would recommend this to anyone. Its the purest aloe out there. Read some of the labels on other brands, that stuff is junk!!!! Bought 4 of these, Its been the best for me.

  5. Avana Zamoa

    Loving this gel. I’ve been buying a different brand regularly and was, overall, pretty pleased with it in daily use. When I needed to re-order and my prior brand was temporarily unavailable, I took a chance and ordered this Aloe Vera Mineral gel instead. Turns out, this is superior and it has become my go-to brand. This gel is thicker and more luxurious and yet, when used on skin, penetrates more deeply and moisturizes longer into the day – not just sitting on the skin surface. And, while daily use of aloe gel has really helped my sun damaged facial skin overall, this gel feels like the ‘next level’ – leaving me with more even skin tone and moisture.

  6. Vanessa Goera

    This stuff is amazing! My entire neck and decollete area is full of bumps and tags. I’ve tried everything including very expensive brands, but through a friend’s suggestion tried this after my shower and morning facial cleansing. It’s amazingly, it shrunk everything and I can feel my beautiful skin again. Aloe vera moisturizes so well that I use it after applying a face serum. Works perfectly! Helps fade dark spots! I never would have thought this would be so effective. I bought it as after sun care but now I see it’s so much more!

  7. Carry Bonge

    I love your product because you don’t use the artificial colors that all brands use, I love the clear natural gel.

  8. Bob Brown

    I just got this product today, and already tried it both on my body and my face. I could see the positive effect right away. I will be keeping this one. It is a very clean product, not runny, but spreads evenly when you touch it. The smell is the natural Aloe Vera smell, which is a good thing, because that’s how you know that the product is still alive and not over-processed.

  9. Lynn Hanagan

    I have really bad maskne, and from all the topical acne meds, my skin is destroyed. It’s red and irritated and so, so dry. Everything moisturizing I put on it burns or dries out even more.
    So I bought this aloe vera gel and I am getting a relief. No stings or burns, feels cooling.

  10. Denis Peba

    I have psoriasis on my scalp. The itching and flaking is unbearable and embarrassing. I have tried every over the counter and Rx known to man. Nothing has helped. I purchased this mineral aloe vera gel in hopes of some relief, knowing that if it didn’t help my scalp, there are a hundred other uses. Jackpot! After applying to my scalp, I waited a half hour before washing. I also added a bit to my conditioner. I got immediate relief from the itching. My scalp is smooth and irritation free. I am shocked and amazed.

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